Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please Re-subscribe to A Mind-Changing Way!

Hello, friends and readers,

For a while now, I have been trying to solve the error messages that people get when going to the
feedburner site and clicking on the Title of our Podcast episodes. I finally did solve it, but in the process I ended up creating a new feed. For those who are technically minded -- this blog is powered by Blogger, which uses an ATOM feed. Feedburner can create an rss feed from that, so that you can read it in just about any Reader.

The last time that I added something, I managed to fix this original feed but I have now added a couple more things (I gave each part of the Pesach to Pascha podcast its own blog entry, and I added Part II of the Paschal Liturgy celebrated by Fr. Brendan in Nacogdoches on 3 May). iTunes, which is what I use, doesn't seem to like this old feed now. I have tried repeatedly to enter it, and it says it is not a valid feed URL. I was reluctant to ask you to subscribe again, but the time has come. I want to submit our podcast to iTunes, and I want to make sure there are no errors before I do that.

In addition, the new version is much easier for me to update. I had been using Podcast Station, but it is not creating an .xml file that can be validated. I am better off using the Atom feed that comes from Blogger, and letting Feedburner make it universally available.

So, PLEASE, all of you subscribe to

The difference is the addition of the word Podcast at the end. This should give you a good feed. You can subscribe through whatever reader you use. Feedburner offers an email option as well that is pretty cool. Thanks very much for doing this. These podcasts that are so full of Fr. Brendan's teachings are really worthwhile.

Nacogdoches Orthodox Mission Pascha Liturgy

Fr. Brendan has asked me not to distribute the Liturgy he served for the Sunday of St. Thomas in Nacogdoches. I am so very sorry.