Saturday, May 17, 2008

Metropolitan Isaiah in Shreveport: Video

In the previous version, I uploaded the .avi file to Blogger. It took *forever*. In this version, I uploaded it to YouTube. It did not seem to take quite a long, but perhaps that is because I was baking cookies.

This file is 65mb and lasts only 55 SECONDS! There must be a better way to do video -- but I guess this is why most videos are so short. I do not understand why it turned blue half-way through -- could it have been the incense??

Also -- I have no idea what he was doing with the candles. Any clues, anyone?

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Podcast Logo

It's a Work in Progress. What do you think? The left image gives the sense of a brain behind the figure, the Orthodox cross in the center, of course, and the image of the three arrows (Trinity?) definitely gives the sense of the "turn-around" involved in mind-changing/metanoia/repentance/conversion to Orthodoxy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

From Pesach to Pascha Part II

I have noticed that on iTunes, the blog entry where *both* parts of the Pascha podcast are given, only presents the *first* of the actual audio files, so I am going to try re-doing it, giving each one its own blog entry. Part I is in the original blog entry. This entry will feature Part II. It is the second half of a podcast by Fr. Brendan Pelphrey and Pam Phillips, in which Fr. Brendan gave a deep and moving teaching on the historical, symbolic and spiritual meaning of Orthodox Pascha in its relation to Jewish Pesach or Passover. Please listen to each part in order, and prayerfully. It will greatly enrich your understanding and participation in the Divine Liturgy!

From Pesach to Pascha Part II

At Long Last! A Two-Part Podcast on Pascha!

We like to try to get our podcasts recorded on a regular basis, but these last few months have been difficult. Fr. Brendan was sick for several weeks, and by that time, Great Lent was upon us and his time was in very short supply.

These new episodes are well worth waiting for, though! There have been many excellent podcasts on Pascha -- from Fr. Joseph's inimitable 'Orthodixie' to Fr. Thomas' marvelous 'Speaking the Truth in Love' -- but nothing like this two-part series "From Pesach to Pascha"!

It would be interesting and informative from a strictly historical perspective, but with Fr. Brendan, it is never just that. It is historical, but also prophetic and symbolic and deeply spiritual! I think an alternative name for this entire Mind-Changing Way podcast could be "Rich and Deep" because that's what each of its episodes has been! Thank you, Fr. Brendan! for giving so generously of your knowledge, personal experience and spirituality. After participating in this podcast and listening to it again and again, I (Pam) will forever experience Pascha this way, and not only Pascha, but every Sunday Divine Liturgy!

This is one recorded podcast divided into two parts. You will hear the last minute of Part I repeated in Part II.

Here is the Feedburner link:

A Mind-Changing Way Podcast

and here is a link to From Pesach to Pascha Part I

From Pesach to Pascha Part I

The Link to Part II is now in a separate blog entry so that it will show up correctly (I hope!!!) in iTunes.