Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Teaching Way of the Elders: New Episode #6

In this Episode #6 of A Mind-Changing Way Podcast, Fr. Brendan talks about the book he is writing about his Spiritual Father, Fr. Roland and in that context, he shows us how Fr. Roland is a contemporary example of a geronda in Greek or a staretz in Russia or an abba in the Middle East, and how the way he lives and the way he teaches are so utterly integrated, replica rolex watches as they have always been in those who are genuine spiritual elders in the Church. The Way of Teaching of the Elders has great implications for the renewal of true Orthodox teaching in our replica watches seminaries. Inspired by Fr. Roland, Fr. Brendan has come to believe that all those who desire to become pastors or theologians should have the opportunity to learn by living, watching and doing under the direction of a spiritual elder. One of many memorable quotes: "It doesn't take a lot of heavy theology to give someone a cup of cold water". In this episode, Fr. Brendan also addresses the issue of "Call no man father".

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Podcasts are Back Up: Instructions

The podcastsare up and running again and the NEW PODCAST on the the Teaching Way of the Spiritual Elders is online! You can USE THE FEEDBURNER SITE to get the podcasts or you can click on the individual links on this blog. Clicking on the TITLES still gives an error -- I am continuing to work on fixing this. On the Feedburner site, left click on Play Now and exercise patience :) To download a copy of the file to your computer, *right* click on Play Now and then click on Save Target As.

All the podcasts, including the newest one, are worth waiting for!

PLEASE NOTE: If you had subscribed to A Mind-Changing Way Podcast, you may have to RE-SUBSCRIBE since I have changed the directory where the files are residing. Assuming everything continues to work properly, I should not have to do that again...

There are 6 podcasts: Fr. Brendan's Testimony I, II and III, The Nativity I and II and the latest one, The Teaching Way of the Elders.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog is up, but Podcasts Are Not

The website has been transferred, and the Mind-Changing Way blog seems to be coming up, BUT the podcasts themselves have not yet been transferred. Hopefully, that will be accomplished later this evening. Thank you for your patience.

Testing, Testing

This is a test

Moving Day

We are in the process of moving the Nacogdoches Orthodox Mission (Eastern Orthodox Christian Mission of Nacogdoches) to a new server, so this blog and the podcasts are going to be down for probably several hours. Stay tuned, because once the move is complete, the reward will be a brand-new and wonderful episode: The Teaching Way of the Spiritual Elders.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Podcast Coming This Week!

Fr. Brendan is recovered from his Christmas and post-Christmas illness -- thanks to everyone for their prayers. He is back with us. We celebrated the Divine Liturgy on Saturday which was the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, sometimes also called The Meeting. We also had the Blessings of the Waters.

On Saturday afternoon, Fr. Brendan and Pam recorded a new podcast episode, which will be posted later this week -- watch for it! The topic is "The Teaching Way of the Spiritual Elders". You will not want to miss it!