Friday, May 9, 2008

At Long Last! A Two-Part Podcast on Pascha!

We like to try to get our podcasts recorded on a regular basis, but these last few months have been difficult. Fr. Brendan was sick for several weeks, and by that time, Great Lent was upon us and his time was in very short supply.

These new episodes are well worth waiting for, though! There have been many excellent podcasts on Pascha -- from Fr. Joseph's inimitable 'Orthodixie' to Fr. Thomas' marvelous 'Speaking the Truth in Love' -- but nothing like this two-part series "From Pesach to Pascha"!

It would be interesting and informative from a strictly historical perspective, but with Fr. Brendan, it is never just that. It is historical, but also prophetic and symbolic and deeply spiritual! I think an alternative name for this entire Mind-Changing Way podcast could be "Rich and Deep" because that's what each of its episodes has been! Thank you, Fr. Brendan! for giving so generously of your knowledge, personal experience and spirituality. After participating in this podcast and listening to it again and again, I (Pam) will forever experience Pascha this way, and not only Pascha, but every Sunday Divine Liturgy!

This is one recorded podcast divided into two parts. You will hear the last minute of Part I repeated in Part II.

Here is the Feedburner link:

A Mind-Changing Way Podcast

and here is a link to From Pesach to Pascha Part I

From Pesach to Pascha Part I

The Link to Part II is now in a separate blog entry so that it will show up correctly (I hope!!!) in iTunes.


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