Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Podcasts are Back Up: Instructions

The podcastsare up and running again and the NEW PODCAST on the the Teaching Way of the Spiritual Elders is online! You can USE THE FEEDBURNER SITE to get the podcasts or you can click on the individual links on this blog. Clicking on the TITLES still gives an error -- I am continuing to work on fixing this. On the Feedburner site, left click on Play Now and exercise patience :) To download a copy of the file to your computer, *right* click on Play Now and then click on Save Target As.

All the podcasts, including the newest one, are worth waiting for!

PLEASE NOTE: If you had subscribed to A Mind-Changing Way Podcast, you may have to RE-SUBSCRIBE since I have changed the directory where the files are residing. Assuming everything continues to work properly, I should not have to do that again...

There are 6 podcasts: Fr. Brendan's Testimony I, II and III, The Nativity I and II and the latest one, The Teaching Way of the Elders.


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