Monday, November 26, 2007

Fr. Brendan Pelphrey's Testimony Part II: Coming to Commitment

In Part II of his testimony, Fr. Brendan and his family have returned to the United States. He describes his friendship with an Orthodox priest, and how that priest helped him come to terms with his questions and concerns and especially his very American tendency to "pick and choose", enjoying Orthodox liturgy and spiritiuality while remaining On the Fringe. After eight years of discussion and prayer, he chose to make a commitment of his whole self to Orthodoxy and was chrismated. In this episode, Fr. Brendan also describes his work as founder/editor of Areopagus, an international magazine on Mission. Through this work, he came to realize that the Orthodox understanding of Mission and Evangelism is one of the many ways in which the Orthodox mind-set is radically different from that of Evangelical Protestantism.

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